Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Moving Forward

It's strange moving forward in life without Min Ser. Ever since our wedding we had mapped out our lives together, considering each other in our personal plans, work, retirement planning, and such. Now it's just me (with God's guidance) having to make decisions on what's best for me and my daughter (on this blog I'll call her lil MJ for little Min Ser & Jen Ling). It's not going to be easy, but I thank God that we have a team of supporters ever willing to help. Parents, in laws, relatives and friends.

As of today I've settled all of the essential paperwork & finances that can be settled. Thankfully, Min Ser had a simple will, so I've seen a lawyer for a probate to be applied for within the next one or two weeks. The probate is essentially required for transfer of estate and assets and it will take at least 2 months to obtain. For added information, without a will, for non-muslims, if the deceased leaves behind spouse, children and parents. According to the Distribution Act 1958, all possession and assets will be divided accordingly. Spouse 25%, children 50% & parents 25%. Thus no assets or possessions can be transferred or disposed unless one or two party waive their rights to or consent to transfer/dispose of said asset.

Also to note, the original death certificate is needed by the court. So if you intend to retain the original, do go to JPN with the original certificate to get an original extract (RM5) to be submitted in.

Besides the paperwork, I'm also looking for a place to rent in PJ area (I'm looking at condos near DJ/SS2) as my in-laws stay in that area. They want to play an important part in lil MJ's life. And essentially, I'll need their help too. So yups, PJ makes sense. Ideally, she'll be able to start kindy in Sep but as of today, the one's we are keen on are full. So the earliest she'll probably be able to start is January 2015. In the meantime, will see if she can join some playgroups and hang out with friends to socialise and get used to other kids before starting kindy.

I'll also still be carrying on as a Real Estate Negotiator, and now I've coupled my services with Mortgage Consulting. Ie: I can now assist my clients in applying for home loans as well.

So yes, I've been busy, partly out of necessity because there are so many things that need to be done, and partly also to keep my mind busy. It really does help going about doing things, meeting people, and just carrying forward living life. That being said, nights are slightly tougher as my mind is more rested, and I have time to reflect and remember Min Ser. But I do manage to sleep well, and that I'm thankful for. Lil MJ is doing ok, she is happy most of the time. She still asks for daddy now and then, I'll usually answer, "Daddy is with Jesus" or "Daddy is with Jesus in Paradise." I know it is kinda abstract for a 2+ year old to understand, but in time she will.

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