Friday, 25 July 2014

Packing and Moving (soon)

I've decided on a condo unit to rent in PJ. It's a friend's place which they are not using at the moment as they are currently living out of the country. I target to move first week September (hopefully!) Reason being, there is quite a bit of work that needs to be done to the unit. And on my end, lots of packing to do.

Lil MJ will be attending a playgroup twice a week near our future home starting August, and I target to start her kindergarten years, Jan next year.

Last Wednesday, Sue Min, mum and dad, came over to help pack up Min Ser's clothes. The nice new ones were distributed amongst his cousins, and the older but wearable ones were passed on to the cleaners. Oh yes, they even brought (much needed) cleaners to help clean my house. 

They cleaned the fans, the grills, the bathrooms, etc. So happy to not have to clean for once. The cleaners were also very appreciative of the clothes and other items. It felt good giving Min Ser's clothes away. Even now his stuff is a blessing to others.

So I guess that's the plan. Move in September, rent out my place in Puchong, and settle in PJ. Sigh, so much change, so soon. Part of me wants things to remain the way they were and part of me really wants change now. The former is impossible now that Min Ser is no longer here. So the latter it has to be. I mean, what is the alternative to moving on and looking forward to my next stage of life? Wallowing in self pity and crying every day? Hmm... no thank you.

I also plan to focus and actively start work proper August onwards. So yeah, looks like I'll be pretty busy the next couple of months.

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