Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Mini Memorial

Last Saturday we had a mini memorial at Min Ser's plot. Reason being, his epitaph was finally ready. I'm really glad the epitaph turned out nicely. I personally designed it, so I really had high expectations for it to turn out as how I imagined, and it did!

It had to be simple yet quietly decorative, symbolic yet almost uncheesy. Min Ser likes sans serif fonts primarily Arial, so it had to use the original Helvetica which Arial was derived from...

So yeah, it couldn't be a template design. It had to be special. But that was also part of the reason for the delay, since it wasn't a routine epitaph. It was kind of forgotten at the production stage for a month, and now finally completed and ready.

The day started of wet and rainy, we waited at the car park shelter. Thankfully by the time everyone arrived, it stopped raining. We gathered at his plot, sang two worship songs, had a brief and meaningful message. Later we adjourned for lunch at a nearby restaurant.

We opened the invitation to a few relatives and close friends, and we were surprise that so many could turn up. We wish we could have invited more, but we only decided to do this the week before (when we were informed the epitaph was ready).

So thank you to those who took the time to be with us for this mini memorial and thank you to those who are still remembering us in their thoughts and prayers.

There are days when I still miss him so much and I will never be the same person as I was before Min Ser, but on the bright side, I like to think the slightly new me is not too bad either la.

I like to think I'm now a little tougher and more resilient. Hopefully less frazzled by life's disappointments. I mean, when you've gone through the worst times of your life, minor things just pale in comparison and become a non issue. Sigh... sometimes I feel I look so young, but my mind has aged a decade.

Though when all is said and done, ultimately, in all things, God has his purposes, and even if we do not see His reasons in this lifetime, it will definitely be revealed in the next.

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