Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Thankfulness Post

And ever so quickly, it is now October...

There is a project gratitude post that has been hyping on Facebook in the past month, I've been tagged by Grace Wong to post 3 items to be grateful for 5 days in a row and to tag 2 people a day. Well, I've been procrastinating on this, but I thought I'd post it here as my post of the month. And it'll be 10 not 15.

So here goes. 10 items I am thankful for.

1. God. For being my anchor in uncertain times. He is the one constant in my life, my faithful Friend and Father who has always provided and will continue to provide my every need. In my creator is my destiny and purpose, and I will always choose to seek Him in my life.

2. Min Ser. For almost 6 years of marriage (would have been so this end of Nov). With him, I learned to be a better version of myself. Wish we had more years together to mould and shape each other, but I am thankful for the time we had. If given the choice to do it all over again (knowing the pain I have to go through) I would still choose him.

3. Family. Supportive parents, in-laws and siblings. I am thankful that they are ever so willing to take care of lil MJ (especially mum-in-law). With their support I am able to free up time to work, meet people, and run errands.

4. Lil MJ. She keeps me focused on what is important. She is why I have to do my best to provide for our lil family, and to make the right decisions in terms of day to day matters.

5. Church. The church I grew up in, CBC as well as the church I grew into, FGT. The former was where I made life long friends, and it was where I built my foundation, my relationship with the true and living God. The latter was where I learnt the importance of discipline and consistency needed in maintaining this vital relationship. I am also thankful for the support, sharing and fellowship of cell members and different ones I had the pleasure to know over time.

6. Friends. Some far some near, some old some new. I hope you know who you are. I have not spend as much time as I wish I had. I do hope to catch up more often over the very near future.

7. Career. Thankful for the opportunity to grow and learn in the area of mortgage, insurance and real property. It has been great being able to sit down and catch up with different ones and just share honestly about life, financial goals, investments, savings, and so on. Also so thankful for the flexible hours and the fruits of my labour!

8. Books. For opening me to a wealth of knowledge and experiences which can be absorbed anywhere. Thank you to the Chinese & Gutenberg for the printing press. There is just a joyful experience from reading a paperback book. Thank you Amazon (and the Chinese) for creating my Kindle where I can carry 1000 books in a device lighter than one.

9. Cute & pretty things. Rabbits, puppies, kittens, dogs, soft, feathery, furry, fuzzy creatures. Their aww factor just make me feel so so happy! I also really love pretty things. Pretty clothes, shoes, bags, patterns, papers, colours, food. There can never be a dull canvas with such pretty things. I can have a down moment, and all the fuzzy cuteness + pretty things just makes the world feel a tad better.

10. Chocolate. Especially the dark, bitter, creamy, variety. Chocolate ice-cream, choc cakes, hot choc, just plain chocolate, chocolate. Ok enough, just the thought of it makes me want some. Thank you God for making chocolate, thank you Aztec, Maya and Incas for discovering it!

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