Tuesday, 9 September 2014

September Update

Wow, it's already September! Ideally I would like to post an update once a week, but August really just flew by.

August saw us celebrating lil MJ's birthday, organized by some of our dear church friends with kids. So thankful for their effort in taking the time to organise the party and to celebrate with us! We had a really beautiful cake, absolutely scrumptious food, and lots of presents!

The lovely cake!

We also had a relaxing Merdeka weekend at my parent's home in an orchard. Surrounded by tranquility, fresh air, and trees. It was just a one night trip, but managed to rest much and had a nice time spent catching up with my uncle and aunt, and also different ones from my previous church (ie: my parent's church).

I've also officially signed lil MJ up for a good kindergarten next year close to our new place!

As for our new place, we have finally moved to PJ last week, 2nd Sep. In one trip the movers managed to take most of my stuff, especially the necessary bulky items. And today itself I've had the piano movers move my piano, so I would say the shift is complete. I've also pretty much unpacked all my items as well. So needless to say, the past week was really tiring and busy, but really glad to have finalized the move.

As for the Puchong place, I'll need to have some touch ups done before renting it out. Also need to focus on getting my Goodyear Court 10 apartment in USJ rented out as well to generate some added consistent cash flow.

In regards to church, I'll start serving again in the worship ministry. I'm scheduled to play the piano for this Sunday. I'm looking forward to it, but also just a tad nervous... guess I gotta get used to it again :) Hmmm... random thought, I need to find a green top/ outfit to wear (yes, we do have colors themes when we go on stage.)


  1. wow! Finally the WL chose a very different colour! ahaha.. ask for option lah.. normally can have to colors if you really really can't find one by Sunday!

  2. Haha, realised I have ONE green top. : ) Different colour? I thought it's quite an FGT colour.